Sunday, January 23, 2011

:: Upgrading Interior of The Bata Shoe Store and Office ::

Design Issue

The interior of the shop is not attractive. The wall finishes and the color is very simple and boring,and is not related to the logo. While the lighting of the shop is too dark and the position of furniture layout is not strategic. Lighting does not focus on the products. The design of the furniture is outdated and the color matching is not suitable.

Design Objective

To upgrade the interior of Bata shop so it will look more interesting to help attract more customers. By upgrading the interior into something new from before in order to change the interior environment into a more comfortable and attractive place. The concept used is contemporary,and it is something different from the current boring design.

Design Proposal

  Layout Plan                 Axonometric


 Section Elevation


3D View

[ This project i'll do for my Final Semester at SEGI University College ]

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

:: Biography ::

Noraslin Binti Abdul Jalil

21 Years Old
Diploma Interior Design
SEGi University College Damansara

I take this course because I want to show my idea and I want to show something special in my design but still look nice and different from others. I've done my practical and I get a new experience on going to site and how to be a real designer. After graduate I want to continue my degree. And now I want to be the best interior designer in my industry. I'll hope my dreams be come true! Thank you.

Be your own The Best Designer